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At Ridgewood Soils, we use fully aged agricultural compost products. We screen and blend our own topsoil and topdressing. The soil is stored inside a warehouse to maintain low moisture and provide consistent soil year round.



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Our rich black topsoil is blended from native soil, sand, and garden compost. The result is a composition and texture that is consistent throughtout the year. Screening ensures free flowing that is easily worked and graded to a feather edge. No hard lumps!! High organic content and excellent composition makes our topdressing an ideal soil for new and established lawns. Other uses for this product include lawn patching, planting trees, shrubs, gardens, raised beds. Delivery available regionally in 24 cubic yard loads and locally in smaller loads.

Screened Topsoil

Native Berks County topsoil is screened and stored under roof as well. No amendments are added. Clay content and compaction will naturally be higher than Topdressing. Delivery available regionally in 22 cubic yard loads and locally in smaller loads.

Unscreended Topsoil

Native Berks County soil that is unscreened and stored outside. This is not recommended unless deep fills of 12 inches or more are needed. There is a possibility of roots since this material is not screened.

Custom Blends

Ridgewood will produce custom-blended mixes for athletic fields, parks, golf courses, as well as other applications where specific soil characteristics are desired. Call us with your specific needs.

Aged Garden Compost

Our compost is made from a combination of virgin agricultural products which are, Canadian peat moss, hay, corn cobs, cocoa bean hulls, cotton seed meal, & poultry litter. NO MUNICIPAL WASTE!! Processed, fully aged and screened to produce the perfect balanced soil ingredients. Our Aged Garden Compost, when tilled into the soil, will build very productive soils by adding organic matter to flower beds, gardens and lawns. Naturally organic and pH balanced, compost is an economical way to improve very poor soil conditions.

Structural Fill

Fill is natural subsoil that has no organic matter to support plant growth. It is primarily for deep fills of 16 inches or more. It contains rocks and clay. If plant growth of any type is needed topsoil will need to be applied on top.