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Call for your delivery today. We deliver one and a half cubic yards to 30 cubic yards per load .

Ridgewood Soils, Inc. carries multi-grade mulches produced from controlled sources of raw materials. Premium Double Shredded Bark and Hardwood are natural mulches. Colored mulches such as Brown and Black resist fading and add dark natural tones to your Landscape.


Our Hardwood mulch is made on site from land clearing, brush, logs and stumps. Double shredded and aged provides a well known natural accent to your home and business.

Oak Bark

Primarily hardwood bark that is shredded into mulch that appears much finer in texture than Hardwood mulch. A naturally beautiful smooth appearance of triple shredded mulch.

Black, Brown & Red

Dyed mulches are environmentally safe and double shredded. The color lasts far longer than natural mulches and allows you to match color to your design appearance.


This is very light in color with the fine particles screened and provides a cleaner and softer bedding for playgrounds .